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Haarmann, Henk J.

Area Director
CASL, Box 25, College Park, MD 20742

Research Description 

Henk Haarmann is Area Director for Cognitive Neuroscience at CASL. Dr. Haarmann oversees research focused on identifying neural markers of the role of cognitive control in human language, thinking, and cultural-perspective taking, using electro-encephalography (EEG), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and other methods, such as neurobiofeedback. This research, which spans the fields of Psychology, Linguistics, Neuroscience, and Computer Science, helps to validate behavioral methods for improving the selection, training, and job performance of language analysts and other intelligence professionals in the U.S. government. Dr. Haarmann joined CASL in 2004 after representing the cognitive neuroscience area as a faculty member in the University of Maryland Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences. He is a frequent consultant to various agencies and departments of the U.S. government, conducting briefings and contributing to staff development.

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