Study Listing

A list of studies currently being conducted that are available for participation by MNC volunteers:


Bilingual Study

  • The Bilingual Study investigates the neural bases for language processing in bilinguals.

Child Emotion Study

  • The Child Emotion study examines the neural basis of cognitive emotion regulation in children.

Cognitive Preparedness Study

  • The Cognitive Preparedness study examines the attention-related cognitive and neural systems that support language processing.

Emotional Language

  • The Emotional Language study investigates the emotion processing in typical individuals and individuals with autism.

Hand Holding Study

  • The Hand Holding study investigates the extent to which social relationships are helpful when individuals experience stress.

Language Processing

  • The primary goal of the Language Processing study is to investigate the brain structures involved in language processing.

Learning Games

  • The Learning Games study investigates memory, learning, and/or simple decision making tasks.

MR Technique Development

Social Development

  • The Social Development study seeks to explore brain structures that support the ability to interpret the mental states of others. 

Stroke Recovery

  • The Predictors of Stroke Recovery study seeks older individuals to help explore how skills learned earlier in life affect the extent of recovery from stroke.

Working Memory

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