In January 2022, the 3T Trio was upgraded to the 3T Prisma Fit.


  1. Improved Gradient performance
    • 80 mT/m @ 200 T/m/s simultaneously, on all three axes (double that of Trio 40mT/m)
    • Ultra-high-performance cooling
    • Force-compensated design for reduced vibrations
    • Significantly increased SNR, unprecedented long-term stability and minimized acoustic noise.
  2. Fully dynamic parallel transmit with TimTX TrueShape
    • Selective excitation to highlight regions, organs, or even features of an organ
    • Zoomed imaging with the parallel transmit application syngo ZOOMit
    • Significantly higher resolution, reduced scan times and less artifacts.
  3. Tim 4G integrated receive architecture
    • New Tim 4G RF system with 64 independent channels for faster imaging and higher SNR
    • New Tim 4G coil technology with highest coil element density, Dual-Density Signal Transfer, DirectConnect, and SlideConnect technology
    • Fully digital transmit and receive with DirectRF
    • Real-time feedback loop for excellent long-term stability
  4. Unmatched 3T magnet
    • Benchmark magnet homogeneity
    • FoV 50x50x50 cm3
    • Advanced higher order shim 
  5. Versatile choices of RF coils for neuroimaging32 channel head coil
    • 32 channel head coil
    • 64 channel head/neck coil
    • 20 channel head/neck coil

syngo, the highly intuitive Siemens cross-modality user interface, is the basis for all MAGNETOM Prisma applications.


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