Safety Training


The Maryland Neuroimaging Center has scheduled safety training sessions throughout the year. 


  1. The MRI Standard Operating Procedures  (pdf) is required reading prior to attending a session.
  2. Fill out the appropriate form from the list below and bring it to the session for the instructor’s signature after the training is complete.



  • Documentation of Safety Training for Level 1 MR Personnel (pdf)
    Level 1 MR Personnel are individuals who have successfully passed the Level I MR safety training course approved by an MNC Representative. The designation of Level 1 MR Personnel typically applies to undergraduate and graduate research assistants, post-doctoral fellows, and research assistants from individual laboratories.
  • Documentation of Safety Training for Level 2 MR Personnel (pdf)
    Level 2 MR Personnel are individuals designated as sufficiently trained to be in the MNC MRI facility (i.e., Zones 3 and 4) on their own (except when a participant is being scanned, during which time two persons are required for an adult scan and three persons for a child scan), and to supervise Level 1 MR Personnel and visitors in the MRI facility. Level 2 MR Personnel are also sufficiently trained to oversee the MR screening process and give final approval for an individual to enter the magnet room and undergo imaging. Generally, these are individuals with greater experience in the MR environment than Level 1 MR Personnel. These individuals must demonstrate knowledge of the broad aspects of MR safety issues, including, for example, issues related to the potential for thermal loading or burns, and direct neuromuscular excitation from rapidly changing gradients. They must also demonstrate specific knowledge regarding the safety procedures within the MNC.
  • Documentation of Operator Training for the Siemens Magnetom Prisma (pdf)
    MRI Operators are those Level 2 MR Personnel who have undergone training to operate the Siemens 3T Prisma System and who have been approved as MRI Facility Operators by a current MRI Facility Operator and the MR Physicist.  


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