Faculty Mentor of the Year Award
Undergrad Expands African Americans’ Participation in Studies by Styling Hair So They Can Wear Sensor-Using Caps
MRI UPGRADE for Maryland Neuroimaging Center
Neuroscientist and Monks share an educational experience
Prof. Luana Colloca gave a talk regarding the different learning mechanisms regulating the formation of placebo analgesia in humans.
Dr. Lauren Atlas gave a talk titled "How expectations and instructions shape aversive learning and pain" at the MNC.
Dr. Jonathan D. Power gave a talk titled "Spontaneous fMRI signal: What’s in it for me?" at the MNC.
A UMD-led team of researchers have received grants focused on revolutionizing understanding of the human brain.
More than 160 faculty from at least 50 disciplines come together for a Brain-Behavior Initiative Workshop.


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