Isabella in the MRI machine
The "Tour the Human Brain!" video shows what it is like to go inside an MRI scanner and be a participant in neuroscience research at the University of Maryland.
Luiz Pessoa, Ph.D.
Luiz Pessoa brings over 14 years of Neuroimaging Experience to the University of Maryland.
Working together to design and build an IT environment for neuroimaging data files.
Maryland Students standing in front of the MRI machine at the Maryland Neuroimaging Center
UMD student researchers develop the skills necessary to become the next generation of neuroscientists.
Baltimore Fishbowl image
Dr. Sandra Langeslag featured in Baltimore Fishbowl blog.
Sarah Langeslag
Researcher uses MRI and EEG technology to analyze the brain's neural response to attraction.
MNC Opening
Brain imaging facility brings new opportunities to the Washington, D.C. area.
Delivery of fMRI machine
MNC receives new fMRI machine to observe the human brain in action.
Gudelsky Building
North campus facility being renovated for research facility headquarters.
New facility establishes the university as a cutting edge center for brain research.


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