MNC Offers World-Class Research Experience to Students

Published: Friday, June 1, 2012

The Maryland Neuroimaging Center (MNC) is the University of Maryland’s state-of-the-art neuroimaging research center. The array of equipment and facilities in the MNC are used to observe and capture images of the human brain and to measure its activity, providing valuable data to researchers in a seemingly endless number of fields. With active research projects spanning the behavioral, social and medical sciences, the MNC has also become a powerhouse for interdisciplinary research at UMD and across the country. Opened September of last year, the MNC is also one of the only imaging centers of its kind, offering its faculty, researchers and students cutting edge equipment, analysis labs and conference rooms dedicated solely to research. Boasting a brand new MRI scanner, EEG and MEG facilities, the MNC has attracted a wide range of UMD’s leading scientists and their students.

For aspiring student researchers, the MNC represents an opportunity to gain experience working with world-renowned faculty and develop the skills necessary to become the next generation of neuroscientists, doctors, teachers and professional researchers. During a recent visit to the MNC, BSOS had an opportunity to meet several of the students who conduct research there and learn about their backgrounds, ambitions, projects and why being at the University of Maryland gives them a competitive edge.  Read More

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