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Faroqi-Shah, Yasmeen

Yasmeen Faroqi-Shah
Associate Professor
0141 F Lefrak Hall

Research Description 


At the Aphasia Research Center, we study language production and comprehension of individuals with aphasia using methods such as language analysis, reaction time measures, grammaticality judgments, and treatment efficacy. In particular, we are interested in the following issues:

•    What neural mechanisms are involved in the processing and production of verb inflections and sentences (both in normal and aphasic individuals, using magnetoencephalography)? 

•    Why do some individuals with aphasia experience difficulty in producing verb inflections? Do these individuals have parallel deficits in comprehending verb inflections? What variables, if any, influence the production of verb inflections in aphasic individuals?

•    Do aphasic individuals experience difficulties in encoding and/or expressing temporal information?

•    Why do some aphasic individuals experience difficulties in sentence production?

•    How can findings from psycholinguistic literature aid in designing treatment programs for aphasic individuals?

•    What are the patterns of language breakdown and recovery in bilingual aphasia?

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