Budgeting for Services FAQ

How much do scan services cost?

Scan services are $658/hour with billing on the 1/4 hour after the first hour.

When does billing time begin and end?

Billing time is equal to the requested schedule time which includes the time the study investigator takes charge of the control room and ends when control is relinquished. The requested time for scheduling should include the set-up, execution of the experiment and clean-up time of protocol-related measures or equipment. This is where most PIs underestimate their scan budget. They budget for the actual time in the scanner but forget to include set-up and clean-up time.*

How should PIs plan for cancellations and overages?

PIs should always plan for (1) a percentage of participants to cancel or not show up for a scan and (2) for some scans to run longer than the scheduled time.

What are the fees for cancellations and overages?

MNC fees run up to $150/scan hour for cancellations. Over-runs (scans running longer than the scheduled appointment) incur a $50 fee.

Will I be charged if a participant shows up for their appointment but does not go through with the scan (due to unexpected history, claustrophobia, or other issues)? If the participant cannot be scanned, the PI will only be charged for a cancellation with less than 24 hours.

What if the participant begins the scan but quits the experiment early? What will I be charged? If the scanner is started, the amount billed will be equal to the time scheduled.

What happens if the operator notices a brain abnormality when scanning a participant?

Does the PI get charged to have the incidental finding reviewed? Scans do not get reviewed by a radiologist unless a potential brain anomaly is found by our staff or staff at the PI’s lab. In that case, data are sent to UMB and read by a radiologist. The MNC pays for that read and notifies the PI of the finding/recommendation.

Will the MNC rates ever increase?

A 2% percentage increase may be implemented July 1st of each fiscal year.  This increase should be budgeted/considered when calculating the proposed budget for a multi-year proposal.

*NOTE: As scans become more complex with paradigms with multiple components (e.g., multiple scans during the same MNC visit), it will be critical to work with MNC staff to identify how this could work and the cost that could be incurred for each study participant. While the MNC may be able to consider time-consuming experiment set-ups and other various study components for cost waivers, we cannot guarantee it. It also helps us to help you if we are aware of these cases prior to you finalizing your scan budget for a grant proposal. We want to help you plan/budget accordingly and assist if we can on a case-by-case basis.


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