Service Rates


MRI Time Scheduled Billing

The lab/study is billed for the time requested/scheduled via the online request form. The time includes the set-up, execution of the experiment and clean-up time of protocol-related measures or equipment (from the time the study investigator/lab takes charge of the control room and ends when control is relinquished).

CURRENT SCAN RATE:  $658/hour with billing on the 1/4 hour after the first hour.

Cancellation Fees

No-shows are considered cancellations with no notice.

<120 hours notice: Billed $25/per scan hour

<96 hours notice Billed $50/per scan hour

<72 hours notice: Billed $75/scan hour

<48 hours notice: Billed $100/scan hour

<24 hours notice: Billed $150/scan hour

All cancellations will be billed according to this schedule above EXCEPT where another session is run and billed for the time scheduled in which case no fees will be charged.  

Scans Running over the Scheduled Time

You are not permitted to use scan time beyond what you have scheduled (beyond a 5 min grace period). If another lab is waiting for the next time slot you must be finished within that 5 min grace period unless you work something out with the person in charge for the scan of the other lab. If there is no other lab waiting, you can continue to scan for a fee of $50. However, investigators who repeatedly go over their requested time will need to adjust the scheduled time for future scans as requested by MNC staff. Time adjustments will be made for any MNC equipment malfunctions. MNC equipment malfunctions must be noted in the log.

In cases where a participant arrives early and no other lab is scheduled or is in the control room/scanner, or the lab has turned over the control room to the next lab, it only makes sense to begin early, if an operator is available. You will not be charged for the early start time. 

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